Seeing Allred – Netflix – Awarded Documentary

Genre Documentary
Directed by Roberta Grossman, Sophie Sartain
Starring   Gloria Allred
Releases on
21 January 2018
Channel Netflix

Seeing Allred is a 2018 documentary directed by Roberta Grossman and Sophie Sartain based on Women’s right’s attorney Gloria Allred. Gloria Allred has time and again appeared in the spotlight for being ‘controversial’, ‘too outspoken’ and is often considered too bold for a woman, especially during the time she began to build her career.

The documentary uses archival footages, current footages as well as recorded interviews in order to piece a powerful, compelling and inspirational story of a woman, who has bravely fought for her rights and those of others and she has proved to be a force that should be reckoned with. The documentary is mostly an observational one wherein we see her avidly standing with women who have seen sexually assaulted by prominent figures mainly, Bill Cosby and Donald Trump. The women who were drugged, abused and assaulted by these men are brought to the forefront and urged to speak about their experiences. Unfortunately, they cannot file a case since it has been several years. However, they can speak about it, in order to spread awareness and most importantly highlight the fact that these men that people look up to, are indeed not worthy.

Allred, is a staunch feminist which is obvious from her statements and her stands throughout her career. During her prime, she appeared in several talk shows and debates and spoke about women’s freedom and was laughed at by the men in the show, who considered it be to ludicrous. The documentary successfully highlights the biases that existed during that time period and how it is now. Allred, who herself was a a victim of rape; speaks about it openly, bravely and encourages that people speak about such issues more often. She rallies with women on women’s marches, stands with the LGBTQ community and openly supports drag queens. She is loved by so many people and yet shamed for being so ‘bold’.

The documentary brings up very important points – ‘would she have faced any of this hate, if she were a man?’ ‘male privilege is being exploited and it causes great harm; when it should not have existed at all!’ and most importantly ‘how long will victims be ostracised, when they should be listened to and the men committing these heinous crimes should be rightfully punished!’

It is one of the greatest documentaries one could find on Netflix and should certainly be watched. Assault and rapes are issues that are beginning to gain importance and people have started talking about it. Hence, there is a need for everyone to be aware and educated about this problem. Besides, it’s a wonderful documentary that will keep you hooked till the end.

Video Credits – Netflix | YouTube

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