Social Animals – Review

Genre Comedy
Directed by Theresa Bennett
Starring Noël Wells, Josh Radnor, Aya Cash, Carly Chaikin, Fortune Feimster, Samira Wiley
Released on June 1, 2018
Duration 83 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating 3/10
Channel Amazon Prime Video

Further, Social Animals seems to reduce its characters to purely sexual beings. Firstly, they’re introduced as stick figures with their favorite doing-the-do positions. It seems the ladies and men don’t have personalities aside from sex. These transparent one-dimensional characters can’t possibly make a film run. Add in the fact that the end credits song is titled “Shit Makes the Flowers Grow”, the entire film is a disaster. Social Animals seems to be a movie that tries to romanticize the failure to grow up. Maturity is now called adulting? While I see no timelines to success and strongly believe that people should be able to do what they want no matter what age, I also do believe that there needs to be a certain grace to growing older. Your failure to worry about your main source of income doesn’t make you cute. In fact its worrying.

Here’s what it’s about. There is a group of really weird people who are surprisingly friends. At the center is Zoe (Noël Wells) whose waxing business is well, to put it frankly dying. There’s a new laser hair removal place that’s opened up down the street and it’s threatening her trade. Plus, she’s about to be evicted because she’s been evading rent. Well, she lives in a trailer on a lawn so lawn-rent? But she’s still bright, happy as a sunflower and decided to immerse herself with a string of one night stands. She keeps polaroid of each one to remember the good times. Nostalgia at it’s finest there really.

Zoe’s best friend (Carly Chaikin) is in a disastrous marriage where she can’t distract her husband from the telly even with her sexiest lingerie. Paul (Josh Radnor) seems to be her love interest (love being questionable). His wife would rather hire a prostitute than do him. So their marriage isn’t going the best either. Further, Paul’s youngest child thinks he’s a dog (just when you thought things were getting normal).

Social Animals tries super hard to be out of control and crazy and utterly wild. However, it just ends up being a sad excuse for a film. It is flimsy and not worth anyone’s time to be honest. To it’s credit it can be funny at times, but it’s just more morbid at others.

Video Credit – YouTube

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