A Walk to Remember – Review

Genre Romantic, Drama
Directed by Adam Shankman
Starring Shane West, Mandy Moore, Peter Coyote, Daryl Hannah
Released on January 25, 2002
Duration 102 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating 7/10
Channel Netflix

“My favorite movie is definitely A Walk to Remember!!”, said every high school girl to ever exist. I mean I get it. It’s a sappy romance that will bring you to tears by the time it ends. It’s based on a Nicholas Sparks (the master of tales of love that make you sob) novel. It’s perfect!

A Walk to Remember is one of those films you watch to remind yourself of your completely non-existent love-life. Or, you watch it with your significant other to shed tears together and have a cute cuddle session. But in all honestly it’s for teenagers, mainly girls. It’s highly predictable, but you get caught up and attached to the characters and it breaks you heart.

A Walk to Remember released a while ago, but now that it’s on Netflix in 2018, it’s a different era but yet we still love it because we’re all saps at heart.

A Walk to Remember starts with popular high school heartthrob Landon Carter (Shane West), who is quite frankly a jerk. With a prank that goes horribly wrong sending him to the principle’s office, he’s given a chance to repent by tutoring, helping the janitor and participating in the school play (where he gets a role without auditioning, so who is really being punished here?).

This is where he first recognizes Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore), who he apparently knew since kindergarten but never spoke to since, you know, he’s a shit person and she’s a nerd (classic). When he realizes he’s crap at remembering lines for his role in the play, he asks her for help. Jamie agrees on one condition, he’s to never fall in love with her, which, of course he does. There wouldn’t be a movie if he didn’t! They slowly become friends to lovers. When she eventually tells him she’s suffering from leukemia, he is distraught but then asks him to marry her. Then they spend one last summer together before she passes away.

A Walk to Remember is a very cliché yet beautiful take on a classic plot line where the girl is way too good for the guy. But she gives him a chance and he learns from his mistakes. He is enlightened, becomes a better man, etc etc. But then there’s got to be something wrong, so the girl is eventually murdered or dies from some disease, just to make it a tragedy.

But the music is beautiful and Mandy Moore is stunning. They have great on-screen chemistry, you’re bound to fall in love. I know the plot line might seem cringey and not worth your time, but A Walk to Remember is a teen movie, so it’s not really going to be overly complicated. It’s sweet and the way the film shows their budding romance will make you melt into a puddle on the floor. So go watch it, with a box of tissues handy obviously.

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