Be Somebody – Review

Genre Romantic, Comedy
Directed by Joshua Caldwell
Starring Matthew Espinosa, Sarah Jeffery, Allison Paige, Tava Smiley
Released on June 10, 2016 (USA)
Duration 88 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating     5/10
Channel Netflix

Be Somebody honestly just feels like fanfiction coming to life. It feels like it was written by teenage girls for teenage girls. It’s the classic Justin Bieber or One Direction fanfic that young tweens swoon over. There is no exceptional dialogue or storyline and if you read the Netflix description chances are you won’t watch it. But, I decided to take a chance with it and I wasn’t disappointed.

The movie’s lead roles are played by people I’ve never heard of. But, they’re apparently very well known among the squealing masses of young girls if their fangirling is anything to go on with. You won’t watch Be Somebody for the plot line or dialogue, you will simply watch it for the chemistry between the leads. Usually, throwing two famous people to play a couple results in shabby chemistry and fails to sell the relationship to an audience. But that’s not the case here. You will get attached to the couple and awe at the cuteness.

Jordan Jaye (Matthew Espinosa), teen pop star, feels suffocated on his own tour by his mother (who also happens to be his manager) and by all his other handlers as well. He chooses to escape the tour and go AWOL. He’s not necessarily unappreciative of the fact that his dreams came true, he’s just helpless as his life is spinning out of control. He’s harmless and adorable with a touch of loneliness. You will instantly fall in love him and with good reason.

Emily Lowe (Sarah Jeffery) decides to take him in, protecting him from the hoards of female fangirls and lets him sleep on her floor. She’s focused and determined, works as a pizza delivery girl (a fact which Jordan relentlessly teases her for). She’s an art student saving up for a career in New York City. Jordan shows off a bit at first and acts every bit the bratty pop star he can be before he tones it down. Incredibly good looking, her and Jordan start to develop a sweet friendship that eventually develops into a mutual crush. Emily even introduces him to her parents, where he behaves like the perfectly obedient good kid. They ground each other and build each other up. They become better versions of themselves and fulfill every cliché ever and surprisingly it’s not as bad at it sounds.

Emily has a family that’s slightly workaholic centered and her parents seem to ignore her. Towards the end of Be Somebody, there is some reconciliation between Emily and her parents, but Jordan just goes back to his tour and we never know whether he regains control. It’s left hanging. Did Jordan and his mom-ager talk to each other about their issues? Did he get better at his art? We may never know.

Be Somebody is rated as PG. There are a few references to getting wasted and mild vandalism, but nothing explicit or graphic. It’s a perfect movie to watch with a younger sibling or even just by yourself if you’re up to it. There are positive messages like improving yourself and getting over your insecurities. Give it a watch, it’s definitely a feel good movie.

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