Calibre – Review

Genre Thriller
Directed by Matt Palmer
Starring Jack Lowden, Martin McCann, Tony Curran
Released on 22 June 2018 (Edinburgh), 29 June 2018
Duration 101 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating 8/10
Channel Netflix

Calibre feels like a series of unfortunate events just toppling over one another, each more cruel than the last. What starts off as a tale of friendship and bonding turns out to be a gripping horror story in disguise.

Set in the Scottish Highlands, calibre starts with Marcus (Martin McCann) a successful businessman taking his old boarding school pal Vaughn (Jack Lowden) for a hunting trip, as like a last macho, alpha-male vacation before parenthood. Vaughn and his fiancée are expecting a child, so the stakes are already high. The first few scenes between the two already establish a sense of unease coupled with mistrust and depicts the strain on their relationship. You already know it’s not going to be smooth sailing. As the venture out into the town, they meet the locals who look menacing but welcome them out of spite hoping they’ll help them financially. Here they meet community leader Logan (Tony Curran), who moans about their poor economy. All seems well.

Disaster strikes the next day when Marcus and Vaughn go out in the morning for their first hunting excursion in the morning where Vaughn while aiming for a doe, shoots a boy instead as the doe moves away.  The boy’s father arrives and as the situation gets worse with guns being pointed, Marcus shoots him too. As the shock and tension surmounts any reasoning, they hide the bodies and drive away hoping to not be connected to the scene of crime.

When the two find out that there was nobody else on the hunting reserve besides them, they panic and attempt to bury the bodies, where Marcus, in a nail-biting scene worthy of the genre of terror, pries the bullets out of the bodies. Turns out, the young boy and his father were Logan’s nephew and brother-in-law.

As calibre gets more and more gory, the two are caught. Logan instructs Vaughn to either shoot Marcus or they both will be killed together. Out of fear for his unborn child and fiancée, he shoots Marcus. Months later, we see Vaughn with his child with a haunted look in his eyes, shaken by the entire ordeal.

Calibre spirals from male-bonding to guilt and retribution. With a recommendation from Stephen King, the master of nightmares, we expected no less.  The monsters that plague humanity are out of the bag. Calibre feels like a high speed chase throughout and we are horrified at the sequence of events. But it’s still realistic, because humans under stress do not think rationally. That’s what this entire film showcases and our stomachs churn at the chain of accidents. Every single time the movie becomes even slightly predictable we are blindsided by another setback.

Calibre arrived on 29th June, 2018 on Netflix after a debut at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Directed and written by Matt Palmer, calibre keeps you on your toes and terrified of batting an eye lest you miss something.

Credit – Netflix | YouTube

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