Dude – Review

Genre  Comedy
Directed by Olivia Milch
Starring Lucy Hale, Kathryn Prescott, Alexandra Shipp, Awkwafina, Alex Wolff
Released on  April 20, 2018 (Worldwide)
Duration  97 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating 5/10
Channel Netflix

Before watching Dude, I read that it was the worst movie on Netflix. So going in my expectations were already at rock-bottom. Maybe that’s why I didn’t find it too horrible. It’s bad, but not completely ‘unwatchable’ as most reviews say. Still, a better movie than ‘SPF-18’ for sure.

After looking for a not much critical reasoning requiring movie on Netflix, I stumbled upon Dude and Neftlix pretty much sums it up pretty well in the about of the movie.

“Four best friends navigate loss and major life-changes — and smoke a lot of weed — during their last two weeks of high school.”

Well, that’s really about it. Even for a teen movies though, it seems we’ve hit abnormally low standards of plot lines and character developments. I mean, I get it, it’s not supposed to enlighten you, but like there is zero plot whatsoever. There is no reason for anything that ever happens in the movie. It’s just a bunch of scenes strung together until the very look-forwarded to graduation. Look-forwarded to for the audience because that’s when the movie ends.

Dude revolves around this group of girls who are super close friends. A fact which the movie-makers try to periodically shove down our throats. They want you to love them together. But, really they don’t do much, that can be considered good together, they just smoke weed. All. The. Time.

In reality, Lily (Lucy Hale) and Chloe (Kathryn Prescott) are BFFs. The other two Amelia (Alexandra Shipp) and Rebecca (Awkwafina) just seems kind of underdeveloped side characters.

The movie starts off with this really cringe-worthy scene of the lead characters smoking weed in a car rapping really bad made-up lyrics to ‘The Next Episode’ by Dr. Dre. Within the first ten minutes, a side character ‘Thomas’ is killed in a car accident. His death is referred to throughout the rest of the movie. There isn’t much time to even get attached to him so, when people are crying over him its hard to sympathize. It just feels like the movie is dragging on forever.

Lily wants her best friend Chloe to attend a college close to her, so they can be “partners for life”. That’s already foreshadowing the rest of the movie, where, when we delve deeper we realize how obsessed with control she is. She never delegates tasks either. Turns out Chloe wants to go to another college and Lily loses it when she finally tells her. I feel like that’s the vibe of the entire movie. Lily trying hardest to string everything super tight and eventually realizing nothing is in her control at all.

Even for a high school movie, there are excessive amounts of drug use. Like I’m sure I sound like a super strict teacher when I say this, but really the characters are always high. Before school, during school, after school, you name it, they’re stoned. How they got into colleges like NYU or even functioned is a miracle in itself. There are loads of parties and in one of them Lily gets raped and that’s never really mentioned much. Nobody talks about it. The next morning she stresses on how her friends left her alone at the aforementioned party and just brushed aside the incident altogether. There are no consequences except when Lily’s friend, Chloe knees him in the nuts. I mean, that’s justice? Okay.

The acting is actually pretty good for a teen movie, but the fact that the plot doesn’t really exist kind of makes it a bust.

Video credit – Netflix | YouTube

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