Dumplin’ – Review

Genre Comedy
Directed by Anne Fletcher
Starring Danielle Macdonald, Jennifer Aniston
Released on  December 7, 2018 (United States)
Duration 110 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating 9/10
Channel  Netflix

Remember Netflix’s “Insatiable”? Remember what a let down that was? How the fat girl did eventually become skinny to take revenge? As if she wasn’t capable of doing so without losing weight in the first place?

Since time immemorial we have seen movies where women drastically lose weight in order to get the guy they want or fit into that wedding dress or stop getting bullies and so on and so forth. Bottom line, those movies don’t really offer up any body positivity at all. It’s all a lie. Insatiable was one of those, an entire season dedicated to shoving the fact that chubby women cannot attain their goals unless they become runway ready princesses. Change everything! Hair! Make-up! Clothes! Then maybe just maybe you’ll be accepted by the rest of the world.

Dumplin’ however is making waves of progress already. It’s not just showing you body positivity at it’s heart but it’s a moving story that had me in tears every now and then.

Most of the world clicked on the trailer of Dumplin’ because Jennifer Aniston was on the thumbnail. She’s spectacular of course in the film proving she is most definitely the epitome of grace, beauty and humor all in one once again. But the movie isn’t really about her, it’s about her daughter. Her daughter who looks nothing like her.

Jennifer Aniston plays Rosie Dickson, a beauty queen and sort-of celebrity in a small town in Texas. Her daughter, Willowdean Dickson ( Danielle Macdonald) nicknamed “Dumplin” by her mother and “Will” by others is nothing like her. Will is heavyset, loves Dolly Parton and doesn’t care much about the beauty pageants that happen in town. But, she accompanies her mum to them all the same. When pageant season comes up with other girls in town preparing for it months in advance, she decides to take part this time as a sort of protest. Rosie is shocked and so is the rest of the cast. But it’s a bold decision and I loved it. While Rosie accuses Will of not understanding the hardships of a beauty pageant, she’s hurt but also determined. There begins the journey of Will becoming a more pure and proud version of herself.

Netflix seems to be apologizing for Insatiable with Dumplin’ and I’m all for it. It’s like a better version of Amy Schumer’s I feel Pretty. I honestly enjoyed that film way more than I should have but it was bad-ass and beautiful. Dumplin’ is more realistic in comparison. If you’re looking for a brave and bold film with an endearing statement and lovely dialogue this one’s for you!

Video Credit – Netflix | YouTube

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