Gabriel Fluffy Iglesias – Review

Genre Documentary
Directed by Manny Rodriguez
Starring Gabriel Iglesias
Released on 29 January 2019 
Duration 90 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating 7/10
Channel Netflix

I love comedy, its fun easy to watch and a total riot with a bunch of other people beside you. Even when you’re all alone it’s a stress reliever and leaves you with a smile. That’s why I decided to give Gabriel Fluffy Igelsias a shot on Netflix.

Now when I read up on him, I quickly realized that the man is a famous comedian with a strong fan base. I don’t know how I never came across him. However, what I do know is that it was clearly my loss. The man is hilarious.

So, the Gabriel Fluffy Igelsias is a comedy special – in front of a live audience. We start with said audience chanting down the numbers on the countdown clock and when it hits zero, out walks the man himself, Gabriel Iglesias. He prances onto the stage to the sound of ‘Macho Man’ booming through the speakers and in general looking like the embodiment of happiness and prosperity. He’s clad in a Hawaiian print shirt and shorts!

The Gabriel Fluffy Igelsias lasts for about an hour and a half with him telling new material and also including bits of his old material – for the fans. He even lets fans recite some of the jokes and complete them for him. He covers a wide range of topics, going off on various tangents but making sense all the same. He’s funny, there is no doubt. You steadily love his stage presence, even the loud colors of his shirt!

Iglesias tells loads of really good jokes and keeps you engaged. He re-enacts a Shakira concert, talks about how Netflix replaces Comedy Central and so on. You should know though Iglesias worked for Comedy Central before jumping ship to Netflix so well, that hurts. He tells us about smoking with Snoop Dogg (you can look up the video on YouTube!). He talks about his 19-year old son, Frankie – who still hasn’t moved out even though he’s graduated high school.

Gabriel Fluffy Igelsias is a good show. Sometimes a bit inappropriate if you’re watching it with your family but that’s why Netflix has an age rating after all. So if you’re looking for a good easy laugh, Gabriel Fluffy Igelsias is the perfect choice!

Video Credit – Netflix | YouTube

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