Ibiza – Review

Genre  Romantic, Comedy
Directed by     Alex Richanbach
Starring   Gillian Jacobs, Vanessa Bayer, Phoebe Robinson, Richard Madden
Released on May 25, 2018
Duration 94 minutes 
Channel Netflix

Ibiza is a Netflix original 2018 rom-com, directed by Alex Richanbach. Ibiza follows a 30 something New Yorker, Harper, as she goes on a business trip and happens to have a flirty encounter with DJ Leo West, whom she falls for and vice versa. Nikki and Leah, her roommates and best friends join her on this eventful business trip which soon turns into an impromptu adventure to Ibiza, following the DJ.

Ibiza although packaged as a traditional rom-com, there is a lot to explore and enjoy. The storyline, dialogues, and characters manage to successfully pull the audience in and we go with Harper on her journey of following her heart and taking a leap of faith. Although she is on a business trip entrusted to her by her snobby boss Sarah; Harper pushes the line of risk, just to meet with the DJ once more. Her friends are all for the trip and in fact, are the ones to push her towards it. On the trip, these three friends have a lot of encounters, including a slightly shady cab driver, an over-enthusiastic and constantly high club dancer, whose car driving skills leave them praying for their lives. They also meet three men who are  on a trip to have the time of their lives and stay away from reality for as long as possible.

Some of the scenes and dialogues of Ibiza are so relateable that you can actually map the characters to people around. Especially, Leah and Nikki. Those two are funny, fun-filled and addicted to experimenting and taking risks. Nikki habitually does not think before she acts, and loves doing odd things like falling off the bed while bouncing on it. Honestly, everyone of us knows someone who is capable of this. Leah, on the other hand, is a little more level-headed, tries to look after the other two but at the same time manages to get weed from a taxi driver in an unknown country. Basically, they all have their quirks. Harper is a character, who knows that she needs a job, but her heart is anywhere but in her job. She appears as though she is someone stuck in the loop of everyday life in New York, which she does not seem to enjoy and desires to break out; however, she is afraid. Eventually, love gets the better of her and she breaks out.

From the club to the party hosted by Hernando, where he insists that they try the drinks and ‘eye-opening’ experiences that the party has to offer, and finally to Ibiza – the girls begin to slowly enjoy, open up and begin taking risks one after the other, just to find the DJ. This makes it an entertaining movie, filled with enjoyable jokes, relateably fun characters, and risks that all of us dream to take sometimes.

So, enjoy Ibiza, don’t overthink and just be in the moment exactly like all the other characters.

Video credit – Netflix | YouTube

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