Nothing To Hide – Review

Genre Comedy
Directed by Fred Cavayé
Starring Bérénice Bejo, Suzanne Clément, Stéphane De Groodt
Released on 17 October 2018 (France), 16 November 2018 (Spain,Singapore)
Duration 90 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating 8/10
Channel Netflix

So you have a smartphone right? Now, think of all the things you do with your smartphone. Yes, all the things. Now you’ve definitely done some questionable stuff right. Think of that text? Or that picture? You don’t really want anyone else to see those right? You’re probably not expecting anyone to even have access to those because well passwords and finger print scanners exist for a reason. But what if it was suddenly all laid out for your closest friends to see? That is basically the premise that Nothing To Hide builds on. It’s an interesting story-line, I think.

A group of friends decide to leave their phones open for the course of an entire dinner party. I don’t think I want to get that up close and personal with my friends. I’d be scarred for life if I had access to all that information. Why did they think it was a good idea? I have no clue, but one thing’s for sure, the results are hilarious and it leads to an entertaining film.

The cast of Nothing To Hide is wonderful and have great chemistry between one another. All the men of the friend group went to school together and are still somehow friends. They’re all married with the exception of one and are a great friend circle with harmless insults being thrown out now and then to keep the mood light. It’s story telling at it’s finest and thought most of the movie takes place in a flat mainly around the dining table we don’t feel claustrophobic (that is until the real drama begins). One of the wives is a therapist and she’s the one who suggests the game and while in reality no person in their right mind would probably agree to it, these humans do.

As the notifications start pouring in, there are careful spaces kept in between allowing the characters to talk about each truth that is slowly revealed before another phone buzzes with another revelation. The superb performances are worth watching out for, it’s brilliant how relationships are intertwined and oh so delicate.

Even though the entire thing is fiction, it’s highly convincing. The expressions of shock and hurt are quite realistic. Plus, with every fresh load of truth that’s uncovered you fall a bit deeper into the rabbit hole. It keeps you on your toes. You will be engrossed. I couldn’t leave my seat for the full length of the film. Hats off to the director and writers for being able to extend such a simple idea into one of the smartest and funniest films of the year!

Video Credit – Netflix | YouTube

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