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Period End of Sentence Netflix Documentary Review Rating Flixxpanda
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Genre Documentary
Directed by Rayka Zehtabchi
Starring  Ajeya, Anita, Gouri Choudari
Released on February 12th 2019
Duration 26 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating 9/10
Channel Netflix

Does anyone remember Pad Man? That amazing Akshay Kumar film on how one man, Arunachalam Muruganantham, from a tiny village in India was revolutionizing the way women deal with menstruation. He made low cost affordable sanitary pads available to women in rural India. It was brilliant. I loved that film with all my heart. Now we’ve got Period End of Sentence. It’s a twenty-five-minute documentary about how real women in rural India attempted to make a business out of manufacturing sanitary pads.

I love women empowering other women. I love when we lift each other up and support one another on our endeavors. Period End of Sentence shows us that beautiful solidarity. The excitement in the women’s eyes when they speak about their achievements about their business, the spark of revolution – everything makes this a must watch.

The women never felt like they garnered respect from their male counterparts, but now with their small business they feel like they do. Their slowly building confidence is so wonderful, it made me melt.

Period End of Sentence further goes ahead and shows us how menstruation is viewed in developing countries- focusing on India. Even in 2019, most of rural as well as urban India still has quite a twisted view about menstruation. It’s not really taught about in schools, so our education system is definitely to blame, but so are the people – including women. We shy away from talking about, from educating our fellow males and boys about it. We have generations of men who don’t know enough and are disgusted by the idea of periods and generations of women who are ashamed of their own bodily functions. It’s wrong and needs to be fixed.

In Period End of Sentence we see a group of village men being asked what menstruation is. They ponder for a while going off on tangents until they settle on the answer that ‘it’s an illness that mostly affects women.’ So, you see, when they know so little, we as a society have failed. Further in rural areas, young girls who start menstruating skip or drop out of school, after which they are eventually married off. Why? How can society progress if half its population drops out of school? Those young girls will never be equipped with the knowledge they need to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. It’s unfair that they wont even get a chance. It’s also clearly sexist if you think about it, just another trope to stop women from reaching their potential.

Even in urban areas, periods are still shied away from. Menstruation isn’t spoken about. Sex is but not menstruation. It’s still considered dirty and unclean, when period blood is literally clean! We honestly need to change the way our world views periods and that’s only possible when we spark conversation and attempt to include everyone in it.

Period End of Sentence documentary does all that and more. Give it a shot!

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