Pitch Perfect – Review

Genre Comedy, Drama, Teen
Directed by Jason Moore
Starring Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Skylar Astin, Rebel Wilson, Adam DeVine, Alexis Knapp, Hana Mae Lee, Ester Dean, Ben Platt, John Michael Higgins, Elizabeth Banks
Released on September 24, 2012(Cinerama Dome), September 28, 2012(United States)
Duration 112 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating 9/10
Channel Netflix

Pitch Perfect is one of the best movies about music that I have ever seen. A Capella is super cool to me on its own, but this movie takes that to a whole new level. I’ve watched it roughly about five times and I still enjoy it. Its brilliant.

I think what keeps me coming back to it over and over is the music. The songs picked for the film are so perfect. They’ve made a beautiful mixture of the present and the past. So, you’ve got like the incredibly popular ones that the tweens listen to but you’ve also got plenty of the old goodies. I’ve seen a lot of movies and shows with really bad music. Like if you’re going to make a movie literally revolving around tunes, might as well pick a good score.

Well. What’s it about? Rival a Capella groups to put it bluntly – I know that might sound boring but it is quite the opposite. We’ve got drama (loads of it), but also strong female friendships being formed – all to the sound of some of the coolest songs ever made. The film takes place as Barden College, where Beca (Anna Kendrick) is supposed to start term. She’s getting a free college education. Her dad teaches at Barden and wants her to get a degree which will lead to a respectable job. But Beca’s heart lies elsewhere. She makes mashups for a living – finding matching chord progressions and layering songs on top of one another. Her mashups actually sounded super good to me. Beca wants to go to LA and become a DJ – a dream that her dad isn’t too fond of.  Eventually Beca gets an ultimatum. If she really puts herself out there and tries to do good at college, then at the end of the term if she still wants to move to LA then her dad will help her.

Moving forward, we see Beca singing titanium in the shower when another girl, Chloe attempt to recruit her to the Barden Bellas. Tiny detail – they’re both naked. Anyway, the Bellas are an a Capella group on campus. They’re notorious because one of their members suffered a case of projectile vomiting (the year before).

The Pitch Perfect follows the Bellas on their journey to becoming one of the best a Capella groups in the state. They compete in competitions – with some questionable tunes in the beginning. The group of girls we see as the Bellas are hilarious. Honestly, this is such a well written film. It’s hilarious. It doesn’t shy away from comedy.

The cast of Pitch Perfect is literally perfect. They couldn’t have picked better people. The characters are quirky. Every lead character is developed perfectly. Their dialogues are always on point – perfect timing. But they’re also so very lovable. They’ve left no stone unturned. Watch it! You’re gonna keep coming back!

Video Credit – YouTube

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