Reality High – Review

Genre   Teen
Directed by Fernando Lebrija
Starring Nesta Cooper, Keith Powers
Released on   September 8, 2017
Duration 99 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating   4/10
Channel Netflix

‘Reality High’ is basically just another high school movie attempted to draw in teens for a quick watch, leaving them with no morals at all. Reality High is a very forgettable one and not really worth your time.

The name ‘Reality High’, drew me in because I believed it would show a realistic high school scenario for once. The trailer of Reality High was funny and seemed interesting. However, within the first twenty minutes, I was disappointed. Reality High is  very cringe-worthy and I kept turning it off because watching it at one go is a pain.

Reality High revolves around senior high school student and animal lover Dani Barnes (Nesta Cooper) whose dream is to get into the University of California-Davis. She seems to have only one friend Freddie Meyers (Jake Borelli) whose crush on her is never really defined or addressed, leaving the viewers to fill in the gaps (if they want to that is). Dani also has a lifelong crush on one of the most popular boys on campus, captain of the swim team, Cameron Drake (Keith Powers). They’ve never spoken but have gone to school together for years apparently.

The plot is very vague and the bottom line is an unpopular nerdy girl gets together with the popular guy, only to lose him and then conveniently get him back at the end. Drake and his overly popular yet air-headed girlfriend break up, furthering the plot line. When Dani dresses up nicely, for the first time in her life, Drake chooses to hang out with her (because looks are definitely everything, and boys are always in it for the body, duh). But it’s implied that he’s looking for something more than just beauty, completely contradicting the fact that he only actually spoke to her when she looked like a Barbie doll. They start dating after hanging out (once), and that’s that.

In a really weird scene, when Drake and Dani are sitting outside his pool, she confesses that she doesn’t know how to swim. He immediately tells her that he’ll teach her. Here’s the weird part, on telling him that she didn’t bring a swim-suit, he offers her his ex-girlfriend’s suit that she apparently left in his bedroom. That’s a bit strange in itself but then the suit fits her like a glove even though Dani has a completely different body type.

That’s really all there is to say about the Reality High, it’s not worth watching. The title “Reality High” is very misleading. There is nothing remotely realistic about it. Characters are severely underdeveloped. The acting isn’t completely terrible, but it’s just not good enough. Nesta Cooper’s performance is actually quite nice, but even that couldn’t have saved what was already a disaster.

Video credit – Netflix | YouTube

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