Set it Up – Review

Genre Romantic, Comedy
Directed by Claire Scanlon
Starring    Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell, Taye Diggs, Lucy Liu
Released on June 12, 2018 (New York City), June 15, 2018 (United States)
Duration  105 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating 6/10
Channel Netflix

What do you do if you really really want your boss to loosen up? Well, you set them up with someone, obviously. Netflix’s new original movie Set it Up, is about two assistants whose bosses are so demanding, that they decide to set them up with each other in hopes they’d unwind a bit and give them breathing room. Well just as expected, it goes horribly wrong.

Starring of Set it Up is beautiful Zoey Deutch as ‘Harper’ alongside the charming Glen Powell as ‘Charlie’. Set it Up movie is a romantic comedy bound to bring a smile to your face. We see how Harper constantly works long hours running errands, anything really to keep her boss, ‘Kirsten’ happy. She wants to become a sports article writer and since Kirsten’s the best in the business, she’s dedicated her life to keeping her satisfied. The situation is similar to Charlie, except his boss, ‘Rick’ is a complete jerk.

They both meet when Harper doesn’t have enough cash on her to pay for Kirsten’s dinner while Charlie too in need of dinner for his boss, decides to buy it from the same delivery man. They brawl a bit over it, ending with them splitting the meal to take to their bosses. As the Set it Up moves forward they both hatch the plan (while drunk) of setting up their bosses, believing that a good ‘love-making’ would do them some good.

Harper and Charlie decide to make the two meet in an elevator, except their plans are thoroughly massacred when a delivery man gets into the lift with them. The lift malfunctions, ending with the delivery man stripping and peeing into a glass. Good times, eh?

They try to get them to kiss at a baseball game, which does eventually work. They play the ‘men behind the curtain’ at every turn, sending expensive alcohol to Rick and flowers to Kirsten. As the Set it Up moves forward, we see Harper and Charlie falling in love after all that time spent together.

In one of the memorable scenes in the Set it Up, Harper (again drunk) and Charlie get cheap pizza, climb up a ladder to get to his room and devour it on his floor. Here Harper says that this is the best meal she’s ever had in her life. Charlie still in a relationship with his model girlfriend who walks over him, watches her in awe, a super cute end to an adorable scene (I’m too single for this).

As the Set it Up progresses, Rick and Kirsten get engaged. This is when Charlie finds out Rick is cheating on Kirsten with his ex-wife Kiki (hello drake). Later, when Harper goes to Charlie’s desk to get Rick’s card for the wedding ring, she overhears Rick having quite the intimate conversation with Kiki. To make matters worse, when she confronts Charlie about it, she figures out he already knew. As word vomit ensues, she argues that he just wants a promotion and he could be a better person but he doesn’t want to. Charlie blurts out that she’s never written an article and never will because she can’t give up the comforts of being an assistant.

Fast forward, Charlie ends up dumping his girlfriend and running to the airport to stop the wedding, imploring Kirsten to leave Rick because she deserves better. Harper finally does write an article. Set it Up ends with Harper and Charlie making up and getting together.

Set it Up is the perfect romantic comedy if you’re looking to just wind down and relax. Or maybe for a night in with friends, it doesn’t deal with very heavy topics and is a good laugh. It’s sappy, but everyone needs that a bit now and again.

Video credit – Netflix | YouTube

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