Christmas Wedding Planner – Review

User Rating: 2
The Christmas Wedding Planner Movie Netflix Flixxpanda
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Genre Romantic
Directed by Justin G. Dyck
Starring Jocelyn Hudon, Stephen Huszar, Kelly Rutherford
Released on December 2017
Duration 86 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating 2/10
Channel Netflix

When the Christmas Wedding Planner was made someone should have seriously said “hey do we really need to do this?”. That’s basically the reaction of the audience as well. “Hey why did we watch this again?”. It’s just that terrifyingly bad.

The plot is a disaster, it seems like fan-fiction an eleven-year old would write. However even eleven year old children write quite well these days. The entire film is a sad excuse of a Christmas movie. It’s not going to bring in the holiday cheer, in fact its probably going to make you feel worse. It’s nothing short of a failure in the entire genre.

Why is it bad? Well. Just about everything. The performances are weird, it’s like even the actors were confused as to why they were going through with it. The dialogue is bland and nobody does anything interesting. It is incredibly unrealistic. People don’t fall in love and get married in eight days. That’s preposterous and someone should really knock some sense into anyone that’s about to to do that. The Christmas Wedding Planner, it seems, does not.

Here’s what happens.  There exists a wedding planner, Kelsey Wilson (Jocelyn Hudon). She’s clumsy, scatterbrained but can be charming at times. Her first task is to plan her cousin Emily’s (Rebecca Dalton) wedding and that’s where everything starts to go downhill. Connor (Stephen Huszar), Emily’s ex-boyfriend arrives on scene. He’s a private investigator and starts looking into Emily’s husband to be. He even enlists Kelsey to help. The two start falling in love (wow). They fight and get back together a lot. Eventually the two find dirt on Emily’s husband to be, just in time to crash the wedding. Then. Yes, it gets worse. Connor declares his undying love for Kelsey, with Emily still dressed in her wedding dress and standing at the altar. How can anyone be this blind towards other people’s feelings is insane. Then the two decide to get married, wait for it, with Emily as the bridesmaid!

Emily’s wedding day, a day that is supposed to be filled with happiness and joy is not only ruined but she also has the privilege of being a bridesmaid at her cousin and ex-boyfriend’s wedding. Add in the fact that her husband to be turned out to be a cheating scumbag who got a maid pregnant! I’d be beyond devastated. Now that, is not just crazy but also horrifying. If that’s not reason enough for you to not watch this movie, then by all means go ahead. Watch the insanity unfold. It’s preposterous. How is that even supposed to get me into the so-called Christmas spirit?

It’s a really bad film. It’s so bad it’s almost funny. Maybe you should stream it for that….just to watch a preposterous disaster unfold? My advice would be to avoid Christmas Wedding Planner

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