The Conjuring 2 – Review

Genre   Supernatural, Horror
Directed by James Wan
Starring Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Ron Livingston, Lili Taylor
Released on
June 7, 2016 (TCL Chinese Theatre), June 10, 2016 (United States)
Duration  134 minutes
Channel Netflix

‘The Conjuring 2′, directed by James Wan was released in 2016. Like it’s predecessor, it takes another page from the book of Lorraine and Ed Warren, this also has a set-up for the spin-off ‘The Nun’.

The film is about Hodgson family who are living in a dilapidated house, are poor and single-mom, Peggy is clearly frustrated. She has four children who, as we notice in the beginning are close to one another and although they don’t have a great life, they live with what they have. Eventually however, odd things begin to happen and Janet, one of the children, transports to a particular spot in the house, hears voices and sleepwalks. This begins to aggravate and Lorraine and Ed Warren are called. Lorraine Warren is reluctant, having had a vision after the Amityville haunting (beginning of this movie) of Ed’s death. However, we see again how selfless these people are as they embark on a journey to help the family despite having their reservations since even Ed is highly concerned about Lorraine as she strains herself every time they do an exorcism. 

The film, brings back our beloved paranormal investigators, who are deeper into an emotion turmoil than they were before. Although we have seen Lorraine Warren before, we begin to understand her better through this film. Especially her relationship with her husband, Ed. It gives us insight into the painful business of being a paranormal investigator and the troubles faced by everyone associated with it. We see Ed in a heated argument with someone who refuses to believe spirits are real on a debate on TV.

The film has touching moments. One of them being when Lorraine talks to Janet about being different and having people be afraid of you; they share a great moment, a breather in the middle of such disarray. Second, Ed begins to fill the gap of a father in the family; the children love him and like having him around. There is connection the Warrens form with this family, even in the most adverse circumstances. 

As for the horror aspect, this film dwells further into the idea of a spirit and demons and we see the main anchor behind the possession in this movie – The Valak. She is the key to understanding Lorraine’s visions and the grave fate of the family. This is what I feel is happening: the Valak is supposedly the right hand of Satan (as I googled it) and (as I understand from this film); wants to take possession and control over Janet and hence, she torments Lorraine Warren (Ed’s death vision)  to stay away since, Lorraine is the only one strong enough to hurt the Valak. Now, that sounds interesting right?.  I’m not sure if this is exactly the story of the Valak in this film, but this does seem most likely. Lorraine Warren does see spirits and demons and appears to be able to speak to them, understand their thoughts and thus, this gives us some insight into her strength and ability. Now, none of this is explicitly shown, instead we see clues towards it and a slow breakdown of the story of Bill Wilkins to whom the house belongs and who is the initial face of the haunting.

It is a chilling, interesting journey to watch this film and I’m sure, nobody would regret it. The Conjuring series has been years in the making, having had spinoffs, the most recent being ‘The Nun’. It is a well-constructed universe, with great stories and characters and it’s good to see how the gaps are bridged between each one and the stories eventually come a full circle.

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