The Five-Year Engagement – Review

Genre Romantic, Comedy
Directed by Nicholas Stoller
Starring Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, Chris Pratt, Alison Brie
Released on April 27, 2012
Duration 124 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating 6/10
Channel Netflix

The Five-Year Engagement, a romantic comedy film.  A genre that is definitely overused and filled with too many movies for people who just want to see two good looking humans fall in love in a bizarre but endearing turn of events. The formula is always the same. Two people appear on screen living completely separate lives. In a funny concoction of events they meet and fall in love. Then comes the misunderstanding phase where someone says something wrong or there’s some sort of rumor and our dream couple is torn apart. After this comes the reconciliation where either the girl or guy pulls out all the stops in a mad declaration of their undying love and the other yields and voila! They live happily ever after. The end.

The Five-Year Engagement is a movie that is worthy of the romcom genre. It fits perfectly but has just enough surprises to not be a retelling of tale as old as time. With good dialogue and a wonderful script coupled with stunning cast, they’ve don’t a fantastic job.

The movie is realistic enough to be relatable and grounding while still instilling a sense of comfort in the audience. A warm blanket that the guy will get the girl in the end and all will be well. It’s persuasive, you want them to get together because you know they’d be a good team working well side by side.

Jason Segel plays Tom, a chef whose just starting out his career in San Francisco. Emily Blunt portrays Violet, a research student in experimental psychology. They’re both driven towards their goals and have been dating for a year or so when Tom decides to propose. But when Violet is offered a two-year position in Michigan what will they do? Chivalrous Tom makes the decision to put his career on hold to let Violet pursue hers. Their wedding plans are put on hold and while Violet’s career and dreams thrive, Tom’s life seems to be on pause. Doubt and insecurity begin to needle their way into their perfect relationship. The title is definitely a dead giveaway because yes their engagement reaches the five-year mark and they still aren’t married.

It’s a lovely film. The chemistry between Segel and Blunt works well on screen and we’re rooting for them. The only drawback is when the film depicts their separate lives, some of the magic and lustre seems to fade away. They movie works only when they’re together. Their individual lives just aren’t interesting or entertaining enough for us to watch. Of course, real couples probably aren’t like that, with two individuals being strong and independent (most of the time) with separate lives that are good enough. But other than that, it’s quite an engaging film and I suggest you give it a shot!

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