The Little Mermaid – Review

Genre Fantasy, Adventure
Directed by Blake Harris
Starring William Moseley, Poppy Drayton, Loreto Peralta, Armando Gutierrez, Shirley MacLaine, Claire Crosby
Released on August 17, 2018
Flixxpanda Rating 8/10
Channel Netflix

Does anyone remember the 1989 “The Little Mermaid”? The adorable Disney musical that we grew up on? Ariel? That was beautiful and we fell in love with the idea of mermaids. People even debated whether mermaids actually existed. Good times. However Netflix’s The Little Mermaid is nothing like that. It doesn’t follow the same story line or plot, in fact the only similarity is that there is a mermaid. Add in the fact that (spoiler alert!) everything ends well, on a high note, so there aren’t many parallels to draw here.

The Little Mermaid doesn’t boast a particularly well-known cast. We have William Moseley playing ‘Cam Harrison’ as realistic down to earth reporter. He has a niece names Elle played by Loreto Peralta. Elle is adorable, has lost both of her parents and also suffers from something like asthma that nobody knows a cure for. Last but definitely not least we have Poppy Drayton as Elizabeth, the mermaid. She delivers the most prominent and rememberable performance of all. I loved her in this film and if I were to watch it again, it would be for her.

Here’s what happens, in the opening scenes we see an old woman telling two young the story of “The Little Mermaid”. The young ones are skeptical and don’t believe the story. Then she begins to tell them a story of a girl that she knew who had met a mermaid. (Hint Hint: The girl is her! Duh.) Then we move to the past where Cam Harrison gets an assignment to investigate this all healing mermaid water as it may be able to heal his niece. Cam and niece Elle travel to a circus where they meet the mermaid, Elizabeth and then it’s all downhill from there. The circus’s master is the evil mastermind who keeps Elizabeth captive by holding her soul. Will they be able to set Elizabeth free? Will Elle survive whatever mystery illness is ailing her? Watch it to find out!

The film doesn’t include much special effects or much of anything really. The performances are quite dull and it can get a little boring at times. But this is a kid’s movie we’re talking about so I’m not about to be that harsh. Then again, kid’s today are much smarter than we give them credit for so chances are they’d find it boring too. Maybe toddlers would like it, but it’s not animated, so maybe that won’t be a suitable audience either. So who would actually watch this? I have no clue.

In all honesty though, it’s a new take on a classic tale which is bound to have some backlash and comparison. But the two are incredibly different! Comparing them would be pointless. The Little Mermaid is very predictable. If you’re above 14-ish, chances are you won’t enjoy it. I found it mildly entertaining. It was a cute fairy tale. It’s sweet and there is nothing even remotely age inappropriate. So if you’re looking for a family movie, this is a great pick!

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