The Tribe – Review

User Rating: 6
The Tribe Netflix Movie Review Rating Flixxpanda
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Genre Comedy
Directed by  Fernando Colomo
Starring  Paco León, Carmen Machi, Maribel del Pino 
Released on 16 March 2018 
Duration 90 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating 6/10
Channel Netflix

The Tribe on Netflix is one of the most heartwarming movies on the gigantic streaming platform at the moment. It’s really sweet and lighthearted – perfect if you’re looking for something with an uplifting message or something to just chill out to.

So what’s it about? Well the movie mainly centers around Fidel García Ruiz (Paco León) and his mother Virigina (Carmen Machi). Virigina gave Fidel up at birth. She never even held him, apparently she just laid there and let him be taken away. This trait of letting people go is clearly hereditary and has been transferred to Fidel. He’s the HR director of this massive corporation named Omnicron. He’s just laid off loads of people.

While the ex-employees protest outside the Omnicron building, he and an underling get stuck together doing the do in his office. When the two are wheeled out of the office a video starts circulating and voila! The video goes viral and Fidel becomes known as “Stickyman”. The video towards the end somehow becomes a dance hit. I know, that sounds weird but it’s a lighthearted comedy okay?

Anyway so fast forward a year later, he goes to meet Virigina. He looks completely different now. But he still gets recognized by a waiter at the restaurant he was supposed to meet Virigina. The waiter confronts Fidel about firing him from Omnicron. Fidel runs out and tries to step in front of a bus but his hesitation leads him to just be clipped by it instead.

He waked up at the hospital with temporary amnesia – which gives him a funny speech causing him to talk like a toddler at times. Virigina decides to take him back to the flat – where she lives with her two sons. Her two sons who Fidel fired from Omnicron. The boys kick him out the next day. He’s wandering around aimlessly when he stumbles into the dance studio where Virigina takes a hip-hop street dance class with a bunch of other ladies dubbed “The Mommies”. Fidel likes the instructor so he continues to accompany Virigina to the class – but the ladies find out he’s a pretty good dancer.

From then on, it’s a story of bonding over common ground – dance – between Fidel and his mum. The two make a hilarious but great team on screen. It’s a joy to watch them pull off well-rehearsed dance moves and have fun doing so.

You can watch this on a quiet night in with your partner and have a good laugh. It’s predictable but uncomplicated – a truly feel good movie.

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