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User Rating: 6
The World is Yours Movie Netflix Flixxpanda
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Genre Drama
Directed by Romain Gavras
Starring Gabby Rose, Karim Leklou, Vincent Cassel, Isabelle Adjani, François Damiens, Oulaya Amamra
Released on April 18, 2018
Duration 105 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating 6/10
Channel Netflix

Except one last job never actually means one last job, there’s always more to it. The lead can’t get out of the crime ring and so and so forth. Everything slowly but surely slips out of his control. The World Is Yours has the lead character as François (Karim Leklou). He’s not really the villain type. He seems quite shy and meek. He’s a small drug dealer. But he actually wants to sell frozen ice pops. Which like, wow okay? Someone did not go to career day. Sadly for him though, his mother Danny (Adjani) gambled away his savings (his entire life savings by the way) so he can’t realize his dreams. What kind of a mother does that? A mum who herself is part of a stylish crime ring of women (only). But it’s funny and gets us laughing.So, remember every movie ever where the crook tries to take one lost job because he’s actually a good guy and wants to retire to a simple easy life? Well The World Is Yours is another movie in the same genre. It reminded me of Baby Driver, of course the two are wildly different and have different themes but that ‘one last job’ thing is the same.

François decided to do some questionable things along with his crew of course to get the cash. They set up some sort of deal at a Spanish resort and it’s all downhill from there. Whatever can go wrong, goes wrong and it’s hilarious.

The film involves belly dancing on François’ part and he gets really into it. He clearly has mommy issues and isn’t great at handling plans. He gets into comical situations easily. It’s all very endearing.

The World Is Yours has quite a short running time considering its plot. But that didn’t matter to the makers of the film as they introduce a plethora of characters in colorful fashion who come and go throughout the film. There are some side plots here and there, most of which do wind up by the time the credits roll. But overall, it’s an entertaining film and you should give it a shot! It even features a version of “Africa” by Toto so if that doesn’t get you to watch it I don’t know what will.

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