Liza on Demand – YouTube Premium – Series Rating – 7/10

“Liza on Demand”- Demands Your Attention!

Liza Koshy. If you haven’t heard the name, you are most definitely living under a rock. Originally from Vine, she’s been slaying the YouTube scene for the past two years and is without a doubt one of the most hilarious people on the internet, having earned a well-deserved 15 million subscribers on YouTube!

From up close (sometimes too close, you could count her eyebrow hair!) and personal vlogs to hilarious skits laced with her very own brand of comedic genius, she knows how to entertain. She brings it all in on her very own new YouTube Red show, “Liza on Demand” which follows a little brown girl’s attempts to survive in a gig economy doing random odd jobs on various apps.

The series stars fellow actors Kimiko Glenn (from Orange Is the New Black) as “Harlow” and Travis Coles (from Great News) as “Oliver” who are Liza’s roommates. Harlow’s dog, Instagram-famous Bark-Paul Gosselaar gets a Nike deal for his own shoe line and Oliver is a house realtor. Liza on the other end has people asking her to do a number of comical odd jobs which includes euthanizing someone’s cat!

The show revolves around Liza trying to reach ‘elite’ status on an app called “TaskIt” so that she gets perks like double pay per gig, health insurance and a 401(k) which apparently no one knows what is. She mournfully exclaims “I’m all side hustle and no main hustle!” in the beginning of the first episode, saying that she’s good at absolutely nothing, also citing her successful roommates as a cause. But towards the end in a moment akin to an epiphany says “Side hustle will be my main hustle!”.

Liza on demand touches on some of the issues our problematic modern society is so very riddled with (like blatant sexism), but cleverly entwines it with hilarity so as to still give it a feel-good factor. Launched on 27th July, the show includes some swearing but censors the f-word. It is rated at TV-14, slightly inappropriate for a very young audience, but otherwise does not raise any major red flags. At the moment there is only one season with eight episodes, the first of which has garnered over 10 million views alone! Liza’s character, although a little different from her usually high-spirited indefatigable YouTube figure, a bit dimmed down to be able to accompany a story line with other characters, stays true to her roots. Her acting skills although a little rough around the edges are promising and add colour to the show to give us the content we’ve all been craving! The show is well written and is great to watch if you’re in the mood for a laugh.

Overall, the show’s great and gives Liza space to show off her high-energy, loud and vivacious persona that roped us all in in the first place!

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