Once Upon a time – Season 1 – ABC – Series Review

When it comes to fairy tales, entrust your heart to Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz who are the creators of this wonderful show. Season one starts the magical, adventurous journey of Once Upon a time.

In this season we are introduced to the show’s world and in the first few episodes we learn how all the fairytale characters have ended up in a small town in Maine, Storybrooke. Each episode has two parallel storylines – one that is the present in Storybrooke, the other is the past in the Enchanted forest. The past stories do not follow a chronological order and we see them unfolding based on the events of the present timeline. One by one we see who the people of Storybrooke really are. Their stories are shown in depth and plotted together in the overarching storyline so well that we are easily able to place the pieces of the past storyline together and understand the events leading upto the present. We have a lot of familiar names, not just from Disney, but even the old fairy tales that we read and know about. In this season we have Snow White, Prince Charming, The Evil queen (Regina), Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, Belle, the seven dwarfs, Red Riding Hood, Mad Hatter and many more.

This season revolves around the existence of the Dark Curse that was enacted by the Evil queen, which resulted in all the fairytale characters being transported from the fairy tale world to our world which they call ‘the land without magic’. In this world, 30 years have passed by and these characters are all frozen in time until the arrival of Emma, who is supposed to be the saviour. All the characters have forgotten their real lives and live with memories that were created by the Evil queen for the purpose of the curse. She enacted this curse to fulfil her thirst for vengeance against Snow White. Henry, who is Emma’s birth son, but Regina’s adopted son brings Emma into the town in order to break the curse and give back everyone their memories. In order to break the curse, Emma needs to believe in the fairytales and magic, and until she does so the curse cannot be broken. Throughout this season, Henry struggles to make her believe, while Emma thinks it is all his delusion.

While on one hand, Henry is battling with Emma’s belief, Regina is persistent on getting Emma to leave the town because she sees her as a threat, since Henry loves Emma and does not feel the same way about Regina. Emma, equally as persistent as Regina, decides to stay and look out for Henry. What starts off as a short one week vacation in town, eventually becomes a long-term decision as she worries about Henry and how he is being treated. At the same time, she becomes friends with Mary Margaret, who happens to be Snow White.

The season sets up the basis for following 6 seasons and is one of the best seasons of the entire show. The events and the overarching storyline are carefully planned and it is indeed, impressive. This season is definitely worth a watch and it will change the way you look at fairy tales, most certainly in a good way!

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