Always A Witch – Review

Genre Drama, Fantasy
Created by Ana María Parra
Starring Angely Gaviria, Sebastián Eslava, Luis Fernando Hoyos
Released on February 1st 2019
Duration 40 minutes
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes  10
Flixxpanda Rating 6/10
Channel Netflix

Always A Witch is Netflix’s most recent endeavor into a show about witched. With Sabrina being a major success on the platform I guess they thought they could venture more into the world of magic. So, we got a lovely new show featuring time traveling and true love.

Always a Witch is about a witch originally from the 17th century who gets stuck in the 21st century, more specifically 2019. In a village named Cartagena we see young Carmen Eguiluz (Angely Gaviria), tied to a stake. She’s being sentenced for being a witch – basically for existing because clearly there’s nothing she could do about it. Nevertheless, she’s about to be burned alive.

Carmen begins some sort of incantation and voila! She’s transported to the future a.k.a. Cartagena, 2019. We’re back to our modern world. She turns up on a beach and then faints. Someone must have found her and taken her to a hospital because next thing we know she’s waking up in an emergency room hooked up to a bunch of scary looking machines. She doesn’t know what said machines do (she’s from the 17th century remember?). The doctor who’s attending to her believes she may have been some sort of victim judging by the burns on her feet. Anyway, she escaped and cures her feet back to normal.

Next thing we know she’s adapting to 2019 – style and all. She’s traded in her old dress for a more modern look and I was loving her already. But she’s not here to play fortnite and learn our ways. She’s got purpose. Turns out she was a slave to a wealthy family back in old Cartagena but fell in love with the owner’s son, Cristobal (Lenard Vanderaa).

The two lovers were caught by Cristobal’s mother. When Carmen gets accused, Cristobal boycotts his religion. That wasn’t the best idea because Cristobal’s dad gets really mad and shoots his own son. So, that’s the premise of the whole show. Carmen is trying to go back in time and stop thing from getting ugly. She wants Cristobal back and she will stop at nothing to accomplish just that.

Unfortunately, though the incantation she needs was given to her by another wizard, Aldemar. He needs something from her in return for his help. He has a stone he needs delivered to someone in the future, that’s why she first goes to 2019.

It’s fairly short, each episode of Always a Witch is being roughly forty minutes long. The time travel aspect isn’t really the focus of the show, it’s more about the love between Carmen and Cristobal. Carmen is an incredibly lovable character from her gentle smiles of wonder when she sees something new to her bravery to do anything in the name of love.

Always a Witch is a show that I believe anyone of any age would enjoy. There’s something for everyone. The young adults would enjoy the true love aspect of it while kids the magic and time traveling. Even adults might enjoy it! Give the Always a Witch a chance, it’s cute and definitely family friendly!

Video Credit – Netflix | YouTube

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