Baby – Review

Baby Series Netflix Flixxpanda
Genre Drama
Created by Andrea De Sica , Anna Negri
Starring Benedetta Porcaroli, Alice Pagani, Chabeli Sastre Gonzalez, Isabella Ferrari, Riccardo Mandolini, Brando Pacitto, Mirko Found, Claudia Pandolfi, Paolo Calabresi, Galatea Ranzi, Massimo Poggio
Released on November 30th 2018
Duration 50 minutes
No. of Seasons  1
No. of Episodes 6
Channel Netflix

High school is tough. Yes, I one hundred percent agree. With everyone having this fake attitude that their lives are somehow better than others’, stuff is understandably hard. Baby shows about high school attempt to be relatable yet different from how normal high school is to make it you know, entertaining enough to watch.

The show, Baby revolves around a bunch of rich upper-class high schoolers. The show starts off with our main lead Chiara (Alice Pagani) telling the audience in a tacky voiceover that to survive in upper-middle class Rome, you need to have a secret life. If that got you to stop watching immediately, I’d understand. It reminded me of the terrible voiceover from SPF – 18. It’s the kind of line that even said in the most somber tone will never be taken seriously as wisdom. It’s just incredibly meaningless and overdramatic. The entire show in fact has the same melodrama feel to it. Nothing feels remotely realistic.

Someone should have given these kids a hobby, the only reason for behaving the way they do is because they have endless time and nothing to do, except of course get involved in sex, drugs and so on. They don’t need the money, they have enough of it already. The characters are one dimensional and the writing is boring with not much going on dialogue wise.

Chiara has it all. She’s a good student with good grades. She runs track. Oh and minor detail, she’s sleeping with her best friend’s brother. Never a good idea but oh well. Then she meets Ludovica (Benedetta Porcaroli) who she seems to find some sort of connection with. Ludovica is notorious around school for apparently having a sex tape.

There’s a large number of characters so the show covers quite a large portion of high school life and what it’s like for different types of people. But everything has been done and said before, so it gets boring quite quickly. We see nothing new.

Baby is filled with a large number of eye-rolling scenes where the characters seem to be incredibly stupid making decisions that they really shouldn’t. It’s a poor imitation of high schoolers today. Teenagers today are smart and care about their futures. To portray them as fools isn’t an idea anybody likes anymore. Mercifully the show only runs for about six episodes.

One of the moments where I felt like giving up completely on it was when Chiara and Ludovica briefly consider becoming escorts. I do not know whether they were actually going to do it or will do it in the upcoming season (if it gets renewed) but I am not sticking around to watch that happen.

Video Credit – Netflix |YouTube

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