Brainchild – Review

User Rating: 8
Brainchild Netflix Series Review Rating Flixxpanda
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Genre Documentary
Created by Adam ‘Tex’ Davis
Starring Sahana Srinivasan, Alie Ward, Gary T. Carlin
Released on 2 November 2018
Duration 30 minutes
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 13
Flixxpanda Rating 8/10
Channel Netflix

Brainchild is Netflix’s latest venture in attempting to educate the masses. No, I’m just kidding, it doesn’t actually attempt to ‘teach’ you anything, more so invites you to open up your mind and allow knowledge to flood in. This is exactly why I loved the show so much.

I hate cooking shows. Random fact isn’t it? You’ll see what I mean give me a minute. Cooking shows attempt to teach me how to make some sort of fancy dish and constantly tell me what to do – usually with the addition of a really bad song playing in the background. (I know copyright laws are hard, but really?). I don’t like people giving me bland instructions. It makes me faze out and snooze. Boring!

Brainchild on the other hand made me want to learn. Teaching someone something and holding their attention is hard, but this show did a great job. It made me curious about whatever topic they were discussing on that episode. They invited me on a journey. They encouraged me.

The series doesn’t talk down to its audience. I think that may be one of the best qualities of it and why people will watch it. It doesn’t feel like I’m sitting in a class room, with my professor yelling facts at me – facts that I will have to memorize for a final. With no impending doom (aka exams) in sight, I had no pressure to learn, that’s what made me want to.

The show covers a lot of topics, seemingly random but entertaining all the same. The five-second rule episode where they observed people who picked up food and ate it vs. others that just threw it away was one of my personal favorites. Exploring topics like emotions (do they control us or do we control them?), why we like certain posts on social media and not others, etc etc. They inquire why we think the way we do. Super interesting stuff to be honest. My inner nerd woke up, stood proudly banging her chest, screaming “I will not be silenced!”. The hosts, Sahana Srinivasan and Alie Ward do a fantastic job. They ask questions at intervals, keeping you engaged and compare your answers with what others said.

I believe the show is perfect for teens as well as preteens, heck, I’m an adult and I still enjoyed it! Its something you can watch with your kids. Get in that extra learning (if you’re that kind of a parent)! But its not just about learning, it asks and explains the questions we all do. The ones that we think about but never look up because we forget about them or we’re just too lazy to. Either way, Brainchild is super cool, stream it, you’ll love it.

Video Credit – Netflix | YouTube

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