Creeped Out – Review

Genre Horror, Fantasy, Science-fiction
Created by Bede Blake, Robert Butler
Released on 31 October 2017 – present
Duration 25 minutes
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 13
Flixxpanda Rating 6/10
Channel Netflix

Creeped Out is a horror anthology series on Netflix. But what does that mean? Well it falls in the horror genre, obviously. Anthology meaning that it consists of segments, all with an underlying common theme.

Now where does Creeped Out fall in that? Netflix recommends the show to ages 8 and above, which is great but chances are kids below the age of 10 are going to be too scared to continue. However, preteens have loved it. The show’s creators say that they wanted it the series to be something children can watch with their parents – and they have achieved exactly that.

Creeped Out is like Black Mirror, but a much more milder version – dumbed down for kids. It seems to drift between science-fiction, horror and fantasy seamlessly. However, that’s not to say its gory or overly terrifying – aka no nightmares will wake you up in the middle of the night.

Each episode circles around for a bit before imparting some sort of moral on the usage of social media or as I like to call it selling your soul to the ever-growing black mass that is the Internet. The show tries to sell a commentary on our social behaviors along with knowledge on how to better ourselves. It’s just super child friendly – so if you’re not a parent, this one isn’t for you.

The show features some imaginary friends (that aren’t really imaginary), phones (that have minds of their own) and some frankly really weird puppets. But the strange part is, for all the hype of it being child friendly, each episode has different things to creep you out. So, if you watch an episode where there’s a sentient phone – your child might be okay with that, but in another episode of creepy imaginary friends – your child might not be so okay with that. I suggest reviewing an episode by episode summary before making your kid watch it. It’s a good introductory supernatural series too – if you’re a fan of horror.

Creeped Out will make kids smarter. The decisions they make have direct effects on them and the people around them and this show does a fantastic job of highlighting that effectively. It implores children to look inward and not buy into everything they see online just because its wrapped up in a nice flashy package for them to consumer. It takes the saying “don’t talk to strangers” to a whole new level.

Overall, I’d say it’s a very important one for kids of this generation, if they can stomach it.

Video Credit – Netflix | YouTube

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