Death by Magic – Review

Genre Reality
Starring  J.E. Burton, Troy Dillinger, Drummond Money-Coutts
Released on 30 November 2018
Duration 35 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating 9/10
Channel Netflix

Death by Magic is Netflix’s most recently dropped show about, yes you guessed it – Magic! But in all honesty, it doesn’t matter if you like magic or not, this show is awesome.

Remember magic shows? The ones where magicians would come with enormous briefcases, in shiny coats with their big hats. They’d have a beautiful assistant – who would eventually be sawed in half. But then she’d turn out fine and we’d all be amazed and wonder, how did he pull it off? Well. Those days are gone, we’re waving at them from way ahead in Death by Magic.

This show pulls out all the stops – literally! It revolves around magician – Drummond Money-Coutts, also known as DMC.  He travels to cities and shows off his skills. Each episode is a standalone one. There’s no continuation or story between them, no cliffhangers. No reason to keep watching, yet you do because it’s just so brilliant.

He starts off small. Transforming a wooden frog to a real one, a ten-dollar bill to a hundred dollar one. Simple tricks you can see street magicians do along the sidewalk. But that’s just the beginning, as you watch on, the tricks only seem to get bigger and better. Each episode leads up to one final act of seemingly impossible magic. In all of them Drummond’s life is at stake. If he fails, he’s in for a very public execution. He even goes so far as in to sign away a waver of responsibility on the audience. They will not be held responsible if he dies.

People shoot guns at him, a car almost crushes him, so does a train and that’s just the start. He ties in every city’s soul into each final daring attempt of magic he makes. He does take inspiration from magicians who have attempted these feats before – and died trying. But that’s not all, he makes it bigger and much more terrifying.

My hair was frizzy and I bit my nails throughout the entire thing. Sitting at the edge of my seat I didn’t dare blink – what if? What is the terrible happened and I missed it. I somehow believed if I just kept looking everything would be fine. That’s incredibly dumb of me because if something had gone wrong the show wouldn’t be on Netflix.

Anyway, this show will make you laugh and make you cry tears of relief at the end of every episode. It’s spectacular. Fantastic! I’m running out of adjectives. Just go stream it!

Video Credit – Netflix | YouTube

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