Free Rein: The Twelve Neighs of Christmas – Review

Genre Drama
Directed by Marek Losey
Starring Jaylen Barron, Billy Angel, Manpreet Bambra
Released on  22 June 2017 – present
Duration 56 min
No. of Seasons 2
No. of Episodes 12
Flixxpanda Rating 6/10
Channel  Netflix

Now while I was stumbling across Netflix super late at night looking for a Christmas gem, I stumbled upon Free Rein: The Twelve Neighs of Christmas. The magical algorithm of Netflix recommended it to me and I decided, hey this seems like a funny title let’s give it a shot!

It was not a good idea. First off all, Free Rein: The Twelve Neighs of Christmas is a special holiday season movie that is supposed to a part of the actual Free Rein series. I have never head of that series. I had no clue that it existed, so I naturally decided to not look into it and watch the movie without watching the rest. I have never been so glad that I don’t regularly watch a series. The movie was not terrible but not very good either. It was sort of ridiculous and parts of it were just mind-numbing boring (at times).

But. If you’re a real Free Rein stan (I’m hoping you exist), then you might enjoy this special content at this time of the year. I’m guessing there must be a lot of these stans because they must have had quite the demand to be allowed to make an hour-ish long movie for a series. I don’t know why it was recommended to me, I don’t really browse Christmas movies or anything remotely about horses, which, yes it includes horses!

Basically, there’s a bunch of teenage girls at this uhmm island thing? I don’t know if it’s a school or resort or whatever. But there are horses. If you love horses chances are you’ll like Free Rein: The Twelve Neighs of Christmas, if not then well, better luck finding something else. There’s a beauty pageant involved (that goes wrong at the beginning) and a lot of fighting and making up. The girls fall in love with incredibly good looking guys. I did not know that one movie can have that many dreamy boys. Perhaps since it is the most magical time of the year, the girls got lucky? Did I mention there’s a winter sleigh?

Add in some old family members trying to reconnect and a lot of goodwill and voila! You have a perfectly cheesy Christmas film to spread the holiday cheer! Because really, that’s the whole point of the film.

Surprisingly, there is a lot of good music in the film. From Sia to dodie, the film is filled with bangers and beautiful songs that get you in the mood to party but also be kind to one another. The movie fills you with warm and this fuzzy happy feeling. So yes, go give it a watch. It’s not half-bad!

Video Credit – Netflix | YouTube

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