Girlboss – Season 1 – Review

Genre Comedy
Created by  Kay Cannon
Starring  Britt Robertson,  Ellie Reed,  Johnny Simmons, Alphonso McAuley
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 13 
Released on April 21, 2017
Duration 24–29 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating
Channel Netflix

There are loads of negative reviews about this show on the internet, some even going so far as to say that if I liked Girlboss I’m in need of help. But I genuinely loved Girlboss. It’s a hilarious show, it’s fast moving and I just really love Britt Robertson who plays the lead character, Sophia.

Girlboss is about the vintage fashion brand, ‘Nasty Gal’, how it began and how it succeeded. We get a disclaimer at the beginning saying that it’s loosely based on true real-life events. It further says its a ‘real-loose’ interpretation. So we get it, maybe it’s been exaggerated to make it funnier or whatever.

The Girlboss in question is Sophia Marlowe. She’s by no means perfect and she isn’t meant to be. It’s like critics have a problem when characters aren’t perfect. She’s not meant to be a role model and if teens happen to take her as one, it’s their fault. There are plenty of other bad role models too! I don’t see critics bashing Voldemort as a bad role model, he’s meant to be one! Girlboss never tried to dim down Sophia, make her gentler, her rough edges smoother. They wanted her to be flawed, a bit of a bitch and they’ve achieved exactly that! She’s whiny, dumb, incorrigible, annoying, mean and the list is endless. But, she’s also smart (sometimes), a good friend (debatable) and funny (also questionable).

She expects life to be lovely to her even though she never puts in any effort into anything. She doesn’t try to keep a job and behaves like an utter brat about ninety percent of the time. She steals food out of dumpsters, books and carpets from stores, tells a guy she won’t sleep with him but asks him to make ocean noises so she can sleep. Her entire idea of a business is born from finding a vintage jacket for cheap that she sells on Ebay for a super high price. She’s so brash, it’s crazy.

But she is entertaining and that’s why I loved the show. I can understand why you wouldn’t like her. But there is something about her. I think it’s all props to Britt Robertson (Tomorrowland) to be honest. She’s brilliant. She’s charismatic. Her performance is spectacular and it made me laugh. 

But Girlboss isn’t completely devoid of positive messages. Sophia’s resilience is admirable. I really liked her determination to succeed despite not knowing anything about businesses and her stubbornness to do things her way. She wants everything to be perfect. She’s hard working towards the end and fixes up herself quite a bit. She learns from her mistakes which is a beautiful quality to have. She may be a brat, but she cleans up quite well.

Give the show a chance, it’s a fun watch. It’s not very deep and definitely not enlightening but it’s something. If you’re looking for something that’s light and funny, something you can watch that won’t make you feel bad about how lazy you are, this one’s perfect for you!

Video credit – Netflix | YouTube

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