Little Things – Review

User Rating: 9
Little Things Series Netflix Flixxpanda
Image Credit - NDTV
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romantic
Directed by Ajay Bhuyan
Starring Dhruv Sehgal, Mithila Palkar
Released on 25 October 2016 (India)
Duration 16 min
No. of Seasons 2
No. of Episodes 13
Flixxpanda Rating 9/10
Channel Netflix

Little things is an easy-to-watch web series based on a young couple in their 20s as they go on with their day-to-day lives in modern Mumbai. It’s simple, it’s beautiful and it’s amazingly real. An episode can entirely span on just a regular Sunday in their house, while it addresses the simple nuances and little moments that we would otherwise not consider significant.

I, personally, related to the show and the characters on a level which I didn’t expect to – being someone in her twenties herself. Especially in this time and age, we tend to go through a period of self discovery and while doing so, we lose touch with our surroundings, our family and our friends. It’s difficult to maintain that balance and this exact issue has been beautifully presented in the show.
It can be easily mistaken for a Little Things valid only for couples to watch but honestly, it’s not. There are definitely some scenes that may bring back some old memories or a desire to be held but it focuses more on the fact that a relationship is never perfect. It requires genuine effort from both sides and it’s never easy. It’s up to both people involved to either deal with the hurdles and move forward together or to part ways and separate. No two people are perfect for each other – compromise is an essential part. It also deals with the effect social media has on our lives as we allow ourselves to be swept away by what other people choose to display on their stories or their wall, while it was meant to be a way to communicate, it’s become a way to compete with others.
What I liked most about Little Things, however, was that it not only addresses live-in-relationships, it also brings in family and old friends and how as you grow up, some things just don’t stay the same. It addresses the fact that sometimes dreams change, sometimes the desire to quit tramps everything else. Even at that age, it’s possible to want to start all over again. It focuses on their individual struggles with themselves and with each other.
The hype around the show when it released was huge, putting Mithila Palkar on the map. The chemistry between Mithila and Dhruv is simple (as is the show) and not over-the-top, which was refreshing to see. The story may be scripted but it appears that they allowed the actors to be free with the dialogues which added a genuine touch to the show. All in all, it’s a show that will touch your heart and maybe even offer you some comfort and must be watched at least once.

Video Credit – Netflix | YouTube

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