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Genre Comedy
Created by Nat Saunders, James Serafinowicz
Starring Rupert Grint, Nick Frost, Don Johnson, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Lindsay Lohan
Released on 7 November 2017 – present
Duration 44 minutes
No. of Seasons 2
No. of Episodes 14
Flixxpanda Rating 5/10
Channel Netflix

When I saw the trailer for Sick Note on Netflix, I was mainly intrigued by the fact that Rupert Grint was in it. Being a die-hard Harry Potter fan, I tend to give anything a chance as long as one of the ‘golden trio’ are in it. But sadly, this wasn’t a case where my risks paid off. Sick Note is quite the disappointment from start to finish.

What seems to be quite a morally inept premise follows through to a tangled-up plot with no finish line in sight. Here’s what happens. Daniel Glass (Rupert Grint) is a slacker. He’s one of the most incompetent people to grace the planet. He’s not good at his job, into which he constantly calls in sick. Sitting around his girlfriend’s flat playing video games and smoking all day, he’s not likeable. Said girlfriend, Becca Palmerstone (Pippa Bennett-Warner) isn’t the most screen friendly either but I liked her more than Daniel. He’s an utter loser, with zero drive to make his own – or anyone else’s for that matter – life better.

Becca thinks Daniel’s putting up flyers for her missing cat (which he accidentally killed by the way, but she clearly doesn’t have to know that). Add in the fact that Daniel’s mum frequently mistakes him for his more successful brother and you get a clear idea of the character we’re dealing with here.

Just as Becca’s about to dump him and kick him out of her flat the results of Daniel’s recent scans come back. Iain Glennis (Nick Frost), the most incompetent doctor in the entire world tells him it’s cancer – esophageal cancer to be more precise. Glennis also pronounces ‘esophageal’ wrong, so we already know this isn’t going to end well.

Immediately, the unthinkable happens (not really, this is very predictable). Everyone starts being nice to Daniel. His girlfriend takes him back and sleeps with him. His boss – Michael (Karl Theobald – who was right on the verge of firing him decides not to. In short, his life gets way better than it was before the diagnosis.

Except, turns out he doesn’t actually have cancer! As a very nervous Glennis comes to tell him. Daniel is mad, obviously. But not for very obvious reasons. What is he to do now that the very thing that made his life better is gone? Well. Lie! Obviously.

In return for not reporting Glennis, Daniel asks him to pretend he still has cancer and miraculously cure him within 6 months. He goes about life with everyone being super nice to him. What happens when people find out? Things go downhill very quickly. It’s bad comedy. The Sick Note is mainly driven by male characters who don’t really do a good job of it. Every female character is either considered a she-devil or is incredibly dumb.

The cast is great and so are the creators of the show, how they thought this would be received well is beyond me. Watch anything else honestly, save your soul.

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