The Final Table – Review

Genre Reality
Starring Andrew Knowlton, Mark Best, Shane Osborn
Released on 20 November 2018
Duration 60 minutes
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 10
Flixxpanda Rating 5/10
Channel Netflix

The Final Table – Netflix’s recently dropped show is nothing more than a show off of gross over-consumption to be honest. I mean I love food, don’t get me wrong – but really?

The show seems to be hyped up beyond the point of recognition anymore. It’s almost shocking to find out it’s actually about food, when you see all the gawdy flashing lights and how judges appear out of tunnel to brilliant flashes of color. It’s just an utter and complete waste of resources.

On a planet where children are starving throughout the world – watching an overstocked pantry with enough food to feed an army just sit there is horror in itself. Think of the homeless! That food could be used to feed them for months.

Cooking was meant to be a thing that people did at home just to keep themselves healthy and occupied. From that simple activity, it went to eating out. From there it just sort of snowballed. We ‘eat out’ for the experience – from the dressing up and talking like we’re all super posh at restaurants. The fancy lights and even fancier fonts on the menu. The names of food such that we’ve progressed from telling waiters what we want to merely pointing at the menu because we can’t possibly pronounce that now could we? The yelling at waiters when they don’t treat us like kings – because we want that kind of attention constantly. Dear lord!

Anyway, The Final Table brings in contestants from all over the world – meaning they’re all mostly white, speak English and don’t have much to lose. Most of them already have careers back home. They’re not desperate to win the show – there’s no crazy amount of prize money waiting to be won here. When contestants win, they get to sit at a shiny table with other famous chefs. So in reality there’s no stakes here. Occasionally we’ll learn that someone sold everything they owned to come be on this show – and we realize oh, some of the contestants do have stakes against them.

However, overall this show is nothing but a show of what was definitely a large budget. We don’t have a story or much creativity – let’s show the audience the amount of food we can buy! Shove it down their throats until they feel like starving themselves over the guilt! The guilt which you will definitely feel watching this show and realizing there are people who all over the world who are going to bed without a grain in their stomachs.

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