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User Rating: 7
The Forest Netflix Series Review Rating Flixxpanda
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Genre Crime, Drama
Directed by Julius Berg
Starring Samuel Labarthe, Suzanne Clément, Alexia Barlier, Frédéric Diefenthal, Patrick Ridremont 
Released on 30 May 2017 – present
Duration 52 minutes
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 6
Flixxpanda Rating 7/10
Channel Netflix

Netflix’s latest show, The Forest, is a classic tale of girl who goes missing mysteriously – and where the rest of the town joins in on the search.

The interesting part is that this one is made in France. We have a variety of successful murder/mystery shows from the UK and US, so this is a first. The French have done spectacularly – just as we knew they would.

The Forest is the perfect binge-watching material. It may be slightly predictable but nothing too noticeable. Jennifer (Isis Guillaume) goes missing – in the woods (ergo the title). The entire case is covered in shadows but the cops do suspect murder – specifically Captain Gaspard Deker (Samuel Labarthe). Deker has an ego for miles and can be a pain the arse at times but he does take the case seriously and proceeds to investigate.

As everyone eventually suspects everyone, things get tangled in an intricate web. Nobody is trustworthy anymore. Facts gets revealed little by little (just as you’re about to get bored). The confusing part is that you don’t really know whether the incoming clues are going to lead to significant plot development – some clues do and some just fizzle away to nothing.

Personally, I enjoy a good mystery just as anyone else, so this was a pleasure to watch. The show features a good cast – which leads to convincing performances on screen. Its moody and dark, just enough to keep you hooked. The whole aura of little knowledge doesn’t overshadow the well-written plot.

The Forest isn’t overly emotionally draining like perhaps Black Mirror – so it’s the perfect thing to watch as you wind down after a long day. If you’re looking for something to get your mind of things – it’s great. The show isn’t anything spectacularly new that will blow you mind away – but fine performances and a well written script go a long way to make it a cut above the rest. It’s not something you’re going to get overly invested in but it does keep you interest enough to continue watching. Add in the fact that it get’s the job done in just about six hours it’s literally a blessing. It doesn’t try to drag out the plot or beat around the bush, it keeps it short and simple.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is – give it a shot. Even though it’s in French, subtitles exist for English viewers so don’t let that dishearten you.

Video Credit – Netflix | YouTube

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