The Umbrella Academy – Review

Genre Action, Superhero, Drama, Science-fiction
Created by Gerard Way, Gabriel Bá
Starring Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, Emmy Raver-Lampman, David Castañeda, Robert Sheehan, Aidan Gallagher, Mary J. Blige, Cameron Britton, Colm Feore, Adam Godley, John Magaro
Released on February 15th 2019 
Duration 45–60 minutes
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 10
Flixxpanda Rating 7/10
Channel Netflix

When I first saw the trailer for The Umbrella Academy I was incredibly intrigued mainly because Ellen Page was in it but also like, who doesn’t love superheroes? Good superheroes who don’t actually want to be superheroes (now I’ve used up my daily quota of the word ‘superheroes’). They’re bored and don’t like their powers but sadly they’ve been blessed with the gargantuan task of saving the world! Sounds good right? Did I mention Ellen Page is in it? If that doesn’t get you to watch it I don’t know what will.

Let’s talk about it though. The Umbrella Academy begins on the first of October in the year 1989. We see ladies exercising in a swimming pool. On the bleachers is a young girl sitting beside a young boy. They’re clearly flirting. She shyly kisses him (on the cheek mind you) and then jumps into the pool. Everything seems pretty normal – until we see her stomach expand and then watch her proceed to give birth. Yes, its pretty weird, but we’re just getting started!

Turns out, she wasn’t the only one. 43 women around the world gave birth on the same day – none of whom were pregnant when the day began. We’re then introduced to fabulous sinister billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) who went and collected as many of the spontaneous babies as possible. He got seven of them (yes, he paid). He then began developing each of their powers.

Now to the present. Sir Hargreeves has passed away. The children come to pay respects to their so-called ‘father’. It’s clear that everyone is quite uncomfortable right from the start. They’re not real siblings, so everything is super awkward. The Umbrella Academy is a series of flashbacks that keep us occupied but also confused we learn piece by piece what actually happened. We see that Hargreeves was cruel at times. We’re introduced to the siblings – a few of which have gone missing. They all have powers, except Vanya (Ellen Page). She can play the violin exceptionally well – but that’s about it. We see how she wanted to have powers so bad but never did. She went ahead and wrote a tell-all book about the family secrets. Well I suppose spilling your family’s deepest darkest secrets isn’t a nice thing because it’s clear that the rest of the siblings hate Vanya.

Also, Hargreeves’ assistant is a cgi humanized chimpanzee (reminded me of the rise of the planet of the apes). He’s pretty cool and tries to keep the kids (now adults) together. Except everything goes haywire when Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) comes back from the future. His mind is 53 years old but his body is 13 (can you imagine that?). Anyway, so he goes to Vanya because apparently, she’s the only one he trusts and spills all. The future is bleak, everything on the planet has been destroyed and it’s up to them to stop it. Yes, I know that sounds like the premise of every superhero movie ever made. But The Umbrella Academy has its own quirks and its funny but also sober. Honestly, I thought it was a fun watch. Give it a shot!

Video Credit – Netflix | YouTube

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