Tidying up with Marie Kondo – Review

Genre Reality
Directed by Jade Sandberg Wallis
Starring Marie Kondo
Released on 1 January 2019
Duration 35–47 minutes
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 8
Flixxpanda Rating 7/10
Channel Netflix

So, we all know that we’ve got to keep our spaces clean right? If you don’t…news flash! Marie Kondo might do it for you! I’m joking, I actually enjoyed the Tidying up with Marie Kondo. It’s a nice watch at the end of a tiring day just before you want to go to bed.

If you haven’t heard of the bestselling author whose sold millions of copies of books about tidying then now is the time. Her insane talent for organizing, decluttering and ‘tidying’ is amazing. Her books have been translated from Japanese into a bunch of other languages including English, Chinese and Swedish.  She’s brilliant.

So, naturally her new Netflix series Tidying up with Marie Kondo, that premiered in the New Year is nothing short of fantastic. She shows us just how important and necessary cleaning is. I know what’s going through your head. You’re thinking ‘yeah, cleaning is important, why did Netflix make a series about it?’. Perhaps to deal with the world’s perpetual ever increasing filth.

She shows us how cleaning up spaces are often tied to emotional boundaries. She helps a recently widowed woman deal with her lost husband’s possessions. That episode in Tidying up with Marie Kondo brought a few tears to my eyes. After losing a person we love we try not to forget them, keep their memory alive for as long as possible. That evidently includes their belongings. We feel like if we threw them out the person would also feel gone.

In another episode of Tidying up with Marie Kondo she helps a couple try to get out of their college lifestyles. That one was fun. Another one had her helping a family with two kids who’ve just moved to a new apartment get settled. One more memorable one was where she helps soon to be parents prepare for their child. That one was super cool – who knew a baby needed so many things!

So parting opinion – Give Tidying up with Marie Kondo a watch! It’s an eight-episode series, so pretty short to get through aka doesn’t require much commitment. It even inspired me to finally clean out my closet and I feel much better already. Thanks Marie Kondo!

Video Credit – Netflix | YouTube

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