Wanderlust – Review

Genre Drama
Created by Nick Payne
Starring Toni Collette, Steven Mackintosh, Zawe Ashton, Sophie Okonedo
Released on 4 September – 9 October 2018
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 6
Duration 56 minutes
Flixxpanda Rating 5/10
Channel Netflix

Wanderlust feels like a show that doesn’t know what exactly it’s doing with the plot it started out with. The plot lines are indecisive and its just plain old boring to be honest. What started out as a good idea spirals into nothingness pretty quickly.

The only remotely exciting part of the show is Toni Collette’s performance. But maybe that was the whole point of the show, to show off her “wanderlust”.

The show starts off with a dictionary definition of the word “wanderlust” for those in the audience who didn’t know what it meant or were too lazy too look it up. The show revolves around the leading couple Joy (Toni Collette) and Alan (Steven Mackintosh). Joy, as her name suggests is exciting and enthusiastic whereas Alan doesn’t do more than just whine and bore us to death.

Anyway moving on, we see two scenes simultaneously, Joy and Alan attempting to have sex and Joy’s cycling accident. Said accident left her with a broken hip and unable to have intercourse for quite a while. As we see Alan attempt to gingerly penetrate his wife, she makes a few jokes that I found hilarious but Alan clearly didn’t. He accuses her point blank of not wanting to have sex with him, an accusation which she doesn’t deny. If her boy language is anything to go by, she was never even remotely interested.

How someone like Joy even ended up with someone like Alan is and remains a mystery. The two are polar opposites. When Joy buys lingerie and tries talking dirty to Alan in attempts to rekindle things in the bedroom, Alan says he’s tired but appreciates the elaborate attempt. She’s understandably furious and quite frankly I’m on her side. But the entire scene made me a bit uncomfortable, not because I’m a prude but the entire dynamic of the characters was off. But I suppose that was the point to show us the utter incompatibility of the couple.

The two try to find other ways to keep their libidos satisfied. By other ways I mean other people aka infidelity. Though they are quick to tell one another about it, they aren’t quick to call it off. They decide to experiment with having a (sort-of) open relationship. They continue having sex with other people but maintain their marriage mostly for the sake of their kids.

But what happens when endorphins are no longer in the bloodstream? Emotions come into play. The entire situation becomes more and more tangled. Personal life spills into work life and voila, we have a catastrophe pretty quick.

Will the two make it through? Watch Wanderlust to find out!

Or better, save your time and click on something else.

Video Credit – Netflix | YouTube

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