Yummy Mummies – Review

Genre Reality
Starring Lorinska Merrington, Jane Scandizzo, Rachel Watts
Released on 9 July 2017 – present
Duration 60 minutes
No. of Seasons 2
No. of Episodes 20
Flixxpanda Rating 4/10
Channel Netflix

Yummy Mummies is an Australian show that’s not streaming on Netflix. I mention Australian because it’s very obvious and an essential part of the show.

Well what’s it about? Everything you need to know it already in the title. The Yummy Mummies is about four pregnant women. Oh and they’re rich. Really really rich. As in the opulence will make your stomach churn.

Let’s introduce our ladies of Yummy Mummies. Each is honestly a piece of work. Maria loves labels. She’s bought clothes for her supposed daughter almost up to the age of fourteen. She’s got Burberry outfits for the whole family to go out together (with the dog!). Maria’s mum is also eagerly awaiting the child because she’s going to spend more time with her than her own daughter. Wonderful!

Then, meet Lorinska a.k.a. the gal with absolutely no filter. I mean I’m all for empowering women to speak their minds and be more open so I suppose, you go gal! But uhm she literally has no boundaries, she’ll say anything. She’s shopping for a bikini to keep things alive in the bedroom.

Next, meet Rachel. She believes everyone should look their best at all times. This include pregnant women. If you’re not the literal embodiment of the mythical pregnancy glow what are you doing with your life? She judges any woman who doesn’t look her absolute best while literally growing another human inside her body.

Last but definitely not least is Jane. She seems relatively down to earth. She already has a child so I suppose that definitely plays a role. Watch our lovely ladies prance around, go on shopping trips (oh dear there are a lot of those), doctors’ appointments and have splendid chats on breastfeeding and its horrors. Wearing the same shoes or outfit in real life that you wore on Instagram implies that you haven’t any other clothes. So that’s fun!

As we watch these ladies grapple for a spot in the attention spotlight, we learn that hey maybe we are normal after all! The ladies in Yummy Mummies know how ridiculous they are. They know how they sound, but they seem to be strangely okay with it.

I found the Yummy Mummies to be funny to be quite honest. It gave me a laugh. So, I’d say give Yummy Mummies a shot! You’ll know how to properly plan a baby shower at the end of it at least!

Video Credit – YouTube

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